The Last Jedi: The Official Movie Trailer (SPOILERS)

The Last Star Wars film was released last night and while it didn’t get a huge amount of attention, there was some pretty cool stuff in the trailer.

First up is a shot of the Millennium Falcon as it’s taking off.

The Falcon is apparently still intact but the wings are off and the hull is damaged.

The second shot is of the Tantive IV as it prepares to take off from Tatooine.

The ship has two large cannons that have been turned on and off in a way that allows it to take shots from all angles.

The cannon can also fire missiles and even a laser weapon.

The third shot is a close up of the Falcon’s cockpit.

It looks like a lot of people are sitting down, with one of the chairs and a large desk facing forward.

You can also see the large console with the large speakers.

The Millennium Falcon is seen in the background and the pilot’s helmet can be seen.

There’s also a small shot of an X-wing fighter.

Here’s a look at the trailer and what you can expect from the film:The Last Star War was the first film in the franchise that Disney had to release.

In the original trilogy, the first Star Wars films were all released in theaters and fans could get their first look at Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooia from the beginning of the film.

It was also the first time that Disney introduced new characters and characters from the Star Wars universe.

The film has been praised for its unique approach to the Star War saga, which it shares with the films of George Lucas and the Lucasfilm brand.

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