What you need to know about the Army’s dress green for the 2019 Rugby World Cup

The military has been playing catch-up with the fashion world in the past few years.

As the US military prepares to kick off its centenary celebrations in 2021, the Army has released a range of commemorative apparel.

It has released several shirts and trousers that have been worn by soldiers across the world for years.

Now the Army is making some new ones for the Rugby World cup.

The Army is releasing a range that has been worn for years by soldiers in the US, the UK and Australia.

But this is not just a limited collection.

The full range is available for purchase, and it will also be on sale for the first time in November.

The Army is looking to encourage the public to dress up as soldiers for the upcoming Rugby World Cups.

The uniforms are designed to be worn by men and women in uniform, with different sizes available for men and the full range for women.

So, for example, a T-shirt is designed for a soldier in the UK, but also a pair of shorts.

The uniform also has an image of a soldier, and a flag. 

These new uniforms will also feature some new graphics and designs, and have a more subtle look to them.

So far, they have been available for sale at military retailers and online.

But they are available in all-black, with a variety of different colours available for both men and for women, including some shades of grey.

The new uniforms are currently available for pre-order for £100 each on the Army website, but they are expected to sell out very quickly.

They will also go on sale on November 12, so you may want to check that you have what you need before you buy it.

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