How to read the green county courtrooms

In Greene County, it is common for the clerk’s office to close at the end of each business day and not open for business until a certain time of day.

This is due to the county’s long term water supply crisis.

Greene County Clerk Joe Fisk, who has served the county since 2009, said the county is struggling to meet the demand from families and businesses.

Fisk said it will be difficult to meet any longer than the current schedule.

He said he has no idea when the county will be able to open for regular business.

Fisk said he doesn’t expect to be able the county to reopen until the end, at which point the county could close down entirely.

He believes the county has no choice but to close for the time being.

Fisks office is located on the second floor of the courthouse, just off the main entrance.

The county is not the only county to have such problems.

In 2012, the state of North Carolina issued a statewide order requiring all county clerks to close after two business days due to a statewide water shortage.

Faced with the state’s orders, the North Carolina Department of Environmental Protection shut down two of its main offices, forcing them to be temporarily shut down.

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