‘I don’t know why I’m here’: ‘I’m still trying to piece together the events’

A family has been left reeling after an “unprecedented” police raid into their home in northern NSW.

Key points:Police raided the Greene family home in North Macarthur, north of NewcastlePolice say there is a “high risk” the home was targeted by a drug dealer who is wanted in connection with a shooting and gun incident in NovemberPolice say the raid is a joint operation between police and NSW Anti-Drug SquadThe Greens say the family are facing a “very dark” futureThe raid took place in the Greenes’ backyard, on the property where the family’s mother works, on November 21.

“They took out a warrant from our neighbour to search our property,” their lawyer, Maurice Greene, told the ABC.

“It was the biggest raid we’ve ever seen, and they had no authority to do it.”

The police didn’t even know we were the owners.

“The raids followed a gun-related incident in the area in November when the Greens say a man was injured and arrested.”

He was shot multiple times in the face,” Mr Greene said.”

A friend of his who was out with him was also shot in the head.

He died a couple of days later.

“The Greens have since asked the court to declare the raid illegal, and for the owner of the home to be held in custody pending a hearing.”

I’ve got a few questions for the police,” Mr Greene said.”[It’s] why did they raid us without a warrant?

“He said the police had refused to provide any information on the raid and that they could have simply conducted the raid in private.”[The raid] shows there is no basis for any criminal charges against the Greens,” he said.

Mr Greene has said the raid would leave his family “very frightened”.”

The next step is to make a request to the High Court, to make it very clear what happened,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.”

We’re still trying not to panic and to make sure we don’t see the same thing again.

“Police said in a statement the raids were conducted as part of an ongoing joint operation involving the NSW Anti‑Drug Squad and police officers from the Royal NSW Constabulary.”

At no time was the Greens involved in the conduct of the raid, and we would urge anyone with information about the raid to contact police,” the statement read.”

In light of the high-profile nature of the incident, we are currently conducting a joint investigation with police into the circumstances surrounding the raid.

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