When China’s mustard greens overtake US$1 billion in sales

Chinese mustard greens are expected to overtake US $1 billion by 2019, according to a report from market research firm Canaccord Genuity.

The study, released Monday, found that the Chinese mustard will overtake US soybeans, corn, and wheat, as well as the global green, to become the world’s largest food crop by 2020.

The mustard greens, which have long been sold in Chinese supermarkets as “tai wuwei,” are grown in the far north of China’s Xinjiang province.

The region has long been known for its ethnic Han Chinese majority, which make up the bulk of the population.

A total of 1.5 billion tonnes of Chinese mustard are grown annually in China, accounting for about 5% of global output.

According to the report, by 2020, Chinese mustard sales will surpass US$7 billion.

By 2020, sales of Chinese soybean, corn and wheat will surpass the global supply by about US$200 billion.US soybeans are expected grow at a 1.7% annual rate, with corn at 3.1%, and wheat at 2.9%.

Chinese soybean production in 2020 will reach 3.5 million hectares, while corn production will reach 1.6 million hectares.

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