Which Australian politician is most like a butterfly?

A butterfly is one of the Australian wildlife’s most recognisable creatures.

But which of the country’s politicians is most similar to a butterfly in terms of personality?

A new poll conducted by the ABC reveals that the likes of Danny Greene, who lost his seat in the 2016 election, and the likes at the federal level like Malcolm Turnbull are both the most like butterfly in the country.

Danny Greenie was elected as an independent in 2015, but lost the seat of Longreach to Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberal National Party (LNP).

In 2018 he lost his state seat of New England, but came back to win the seat in 2019.

In 2020, he was defeated by the Labor candidate for the seat, Pauline Hanson.

In 2019, Mr Greene lost his first election, with the LNP gaining power.

The next election, he lost again, and in 2020, Labor came second in the state.

He then won the seat for the Liberals in the 2020 state election, but was defeated again in 2021, when he lost it to the LDP.

In 2022, Mr Turnbull won the Liberal National seat of South Australia, but narrowly lost to the Nationals.AAP: Brian Lough, ABC: Tom Smith, ABC News: Andrew Gwynne, ABC Australia: Mark Stobart, ABC Canberra: Andrew Harnik, ABC Sydney: Tom Waddell

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