Which of the four greenest regions is the worst for ghosts?

GREENEST REGIONS FOR GAMES Ghost-causing activity is on the rise in some parts of the UK, according to a study by the charity GhostBusters.

The charity claims that the number of games and other outdoor activities in the country have increased by 50% in the last two decades, and is now one of the worst areas for ghost activity.

Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones and others have described the phenomenon as the “biggest sickness in the history of mankind”.

The group claims that up to 70% of adults and more than 100% of children in the UK are affected.

But, according with the BBC, the figures do not capture the full picture. 

The Ghostbusters’ campaign group has also said that it has received numerous reports of ghost activity in other parts of Europe, including Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark. 

In the UK alone, the report estimates that up of 70% or more of households have been affected.

There are also reports of a “ghost population” in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

There are also fears that the spread of a virus that causes brain fog, or the effects of a viral infection such as Zika, could make ghost activity even more prevalent.

One in three people in the United Kingdom have a family history of head injuries, according to a recent report by the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). 

The RCP said that head injuries accounted for a third of the total cases of brain injuries among the population aged 65 and over.

Another recent study found that one in four cases of epilepsy in children under the age of three had a family link to an unexplained illness.

According to the charity, it has been estimated that the average number of ghosts in the city of London is as high as 20 per cent, with up to a third of people living in areas with a high incidence. 

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The Ghostbusters were created by writer/director Paul Feig and producer Brian Grazer in 1987.

 The cast has become famous for their distinctive outfits, including Ghostbusters  (the Ghostbusters are now officially known as the Ghostbusters and the Busters), the Ghostbusters (the ghostbusters are now known as Ghostbusters), Ghostbusters (the Busters are now Ghostsbusters), Ghostbusters (the Ghostbusters), Ghostbuster  and Busters (the  Ghostfests are now  Buster fests).

The series has spawned countless sequels, spinoffs and spinoffs, including the rebooted series, Ghostbusters (2016).

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As we head into the Christmas period, it’s worth keeping an eye out for the ‘ghostbusters’ GhostFests, which take place every December in the USA.

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