Why do you think the government is spending money on the military?

The U.S. military’s $1.1 trillion budget for fiscal 2018 is about to get a huge boost, with the military’s fiscal 2018 budget expected to balloon to $1 trillion by 2024, according to the Pentagon’s budget office.

The Pentagon says that’s a huge increase from the current $717 billion.

The budget office, which has the most comprehensive view of the Pentagon budget, estimates that the increase is a sign that the U.C.P. will not be able to fund its current levels of operations in the next fiscal year and a $300 billion increase in the base budget is coming soon.

This is part of a continuing effort to rebuild America’s military, said Lt.

Gen. Mark Esper, the Pentagon spokesman.

“We will continue to provide all our resources to the military,” he said.

But the increase will likely come at a heavy price.

The $1 billion in new spending is expected to make up about a third of the military budget, or $1,977 billion.

It will come in addition to the $1trillion in additional spending that was already scheduled for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1.

This includes $700 billion for the National Guard and $200 billion for other elements of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps.

That $200 bn. is part the base defense budget that will remain at $1tn.

The $1 trillion budget is expected increase the size of the defense budget from $1 to $2 trillion by 2025.

The rest of the $600 billion increase comes in the form of other defense spending, including $130 billion for defense contractors and $140 billion for international programs.

The defense budget is also expected to get more than $600 bn for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Trump administration has not disclosed how much it spent on the 2017 fiscal year.

But the White House says the total amount spent on military and other elements was $732 billion.

That includes $1bn for the Air Force, $1billion for the Marine Corps and $1tbn for other components.

The Defense Department’s fiscal 2019 budget is due to be released Oct. 15.

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