‘A better way’ to cook greens

Posted March 09, 2018 09:21:07 When Maggie Greene’s family’s garden turned green in 2010, the idea of making it her own had not occurred to her.

“I wanted to be able to cook the greens,” she said.

“The greens are the most important part of our diet.”

The Greens’ Greens Bay backyard, located just outside Sydney, is home to a number of vegetable gardens and other garden plots that Greens Bay-based Ms Greene is the main tenant of.

“They are the ones we use, the ones that we put in and we are very careful not to have too much,” she explained.

“When I am cooking them I always try to use the highest quality ingredients, and then I can add whatever flavour I want.”

Her family has enjoyed the greener lifestyle for decades, but now the Greens Bay family is starting to see a trend that they think will be a win-win for all concerned.

“If you have an old garden, it’s not going to be as healthy as a new garden,” Ms Greenes said.

“I think people are beginning to realize that there is something about the greenery that’s just quite different from the old.”

Ms Greene says the family will soon be expanding the property to have a kitchen, dining room, garden and a living space, and the family is working with other local farmers to develop a green market.

“This is one of the things that is going to give us a chance to do a bit of what we’ve been doing for so long,” she says.

“It’s not just going to make money, but it’s going to bring people into our community and we’re going to do something really great with it.”

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