How to spend $2 billion in the 2020-2021 bioregional plan

More than half of the $2.2 billion allocated to the 2020 bioregenial plan was used for projects that have been completed, and $2 million went toward improving parks.

The rest was used to improve infrastructure, improve roads and other transportation facilities, and build a new water-use system.

The plan includes $1.2 million for “urban parkways” in Monroe County.

The money is intended to make it easier for people to get to and from places like the city of Monroe.

The state also spent $700,000 to build a bridge over the Mississippi River that will allow boats to cross the water.

That bridge is scheduled to open in 2021, but has not been fully completed.

Other projects included $1 million to create a community development fund to help with infrastructure, as well as $300,000 for new and expanded schools, $1 billion for roads, $2,000 per person for housing, and more than $1,000 a month for food.

Other state funding also went toward a $1-billion, five-year highway plan, and the $1bn in new taxes.

The state also set aside $2bn for roads and $1tn for the flood-protection program, while $250m went toward the rehabilitation of old buildings and other facilities.

The governor’s office announced the new funding on Wednesday.

“The governor has been clear that we are committed to supporting local governments to rebuild their communities and create new jobs and prosperity, and he’s committed to protecting the environment and protecting our state’s most vulnerable,” said spokeswoman Sarah Kollos.

“The governor continues to support this plan to ensure a stronger and more sustainable economy for future generations.”

The plan will cost about $7.5 billion, according to the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

The plan includes a $6.8bn bond program, which is meant to finance transportation projects.

The bond program is the biggest source of the money for the bioregaons.

Other key components include a $2-billion regional growth plan, $300 million to develop green infrastructure and infrastructure projects, $600 million for new roads and bridges, and an $8bn program for parks and recreational facilities.

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