“Lion king” Leandro Dall’Igna’s daughter dies at 25

DALL’IGNA’S daughter, who died at 25, was born in Dall ‘Ignas, a district of Rome.

Her mother died at her home in Italy.

Her brother, Dario, said the couple had met in Italy and they moved to Rome in 2003 when Leandro was 10.

She was married to her brother, a priest, in Rome in 2015 and they lived in the Rome suburb of Via Pergola.

Dario said they had two children.

Leandro was a soldier in the Roman army who served in the Italian Alps from 1986 to 1997.

He died in the Alps in June 2018.

His brother, who is in charge of the family’s business, said that his mother had been ill with pancreatic cancer, and he had been in constant touch with her family.

“She was always saying she is dying.

It was very hard for us, she was very sad, especially about her father,” Dario said.

Dall’igna was an amateur soccer player who was known as a talented player.

He was nicknamed “Leandro” by his teammates.

He scored the winning goal in the second leg of the 2004 European Cup final against Italy.

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