Senator Joyce and Greens Senator Elizabeth Greene announce they are stepping down

Senator Elizabeth Greenside and her husband, Senator Joyce Greenside, announced they are retiring.

They have been with the Labor Party for over 40 years and were instrumental in helping Labor win power in Queensland.

The Greens are known for their work on housing, renewable energy, and climate change, but they have also been critical of the Government’s climate change policies.

They said the Government needs to act to prevent the end of Australia’s coal and gas industries.

Senator Greenside said the new Government should act to ensure the next generation has a stable and affordable future.

“We are disappointed with the Government,” she said.

She said she and her wife are considering their future plans.

The Greens have been vocal in their criticism of the Climate Change Authority, and called on the Government to scrap the Climate Commission and replace it with a more effective body.

They also called on a more equitable, low carbon, low emission, clean energy economy to be established.

Ms Greenside says she has been fortunate to be able to spend her career working for Queenslanders, and has never felt pressure to change positions or to abandon her own beliefs.

But Senator Greensides decision has not been taken lightly, and she has said she would not return to the Labor party if she was to be re-elected.

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