What is the new Abira Greene?

Posted January 05, 2019 09:37:24 Abira is a brand of green tea, a tea with an herbal flavour and aroma, made by the family-owned Greene tea brand in India.

It has been available in Australia since 2007 and is now available in more than 20 countries including Australia.

“The world is growing ever more aware of the health risks associated with green tea consumption, but it remains a relatively obscure, yet highly nutritious, ingredient,” Abira’s marketing manager Robyn Linton said.

“Abira Greenes are perfect for those looking to take advantage of the herbal qualities of green teas.”

The green tea contains flavonoids, compounds that can help to fight inflammation and promote weight loss, according to the brand’s website.

The company has been in the Australian market for more than five years, having started selling in India in 2007 and then in the US in 2012.

In Australia, Abira sold more than 10 million Abira greenes in the first three months of this year, up from about 2.4 million a year earlier.

This year, Abiras global sales were $4.9 million, up 8.4 per cent from last year.

Its sales growth is down from the previous year but it still accounts for almost half of all green tea sales in Australia.

The company has more than a quarter of the global green tea market.

Abira’s Australian operations are located in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth.

Mr Linton says there is “a clear perception that green tea can be beneficial to a range of conditions including arthritis, asthma, diabetes and depression”.

“This belief is reflected in our extensive green tea products line-up and our commitment to our community, which is one of our top priorities,” she said.

“The Abira family has worked hard to bring Abira to our customers worldwide.”

For Abira, green tea has become a staple in their business, as it provides “the right balance of antioxidant and flavonoid benefits”, the brand says.

Green tea is an essential nutrient for humans, animals and plants.

A spokeswoman for Abira said the company had not taken any responsibility for the claims of the green tea industry.

There are currently two Abira products on the Australian shelves, Abiabra and Abiabi.

Earlier this year the ABC reported that Abira was the subject of a major investigation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) into allegations of misleading advertising, which it said was based on “a lack of evidence”.

In response to the ABC’s report, the company said it was “committed to making the best possible product for our customers”.

A spokesperson for the ABC said the report was inaccurate and that the company did not believe it was appropriate to report on the company’s business.


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