When the Greene family was at Fort Greene, there was no place for women to go to read the books they loved, the family says

The Fort Greenes, who have been struggling to get by since the 1950s, opened a small bookstore for their granddaughter, Abira Greene-Giles, and her daughter, Ellen Greene.

The shop was the only one of their six in the area.

Abira and Ellen were in their 20s when they first opened the bookstore.

“We knew that they needed it,” Abira said.

“It was a time when they were living in poverty, and there was nowhere for them to go.

There were only a handful of books that they could read.

They had to borrow books from friends and family.”

When Ellen was in high school, Abra and Ella Greene opened their own bookshop in their hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, but they weren’t sure if the women would be able to afford it.

So Abra’s parents, who were doctors, decided to open the bookstore and make the Greenes a success.

“Abira had never been able to read books,” Ella said.

The Fort Greenese family opened a bookstore in Fort Worth in 1965.

The store was the first to have an all-female staff, and Abira was the owner of the business when she opened it in 1966.

Abira and her sister, Ella, opened the Fort Greenest Bookstore in Fort Green, Texas in 1966, and they opened the business to women with a vision.

“It was just our vision to bring books to our children and to give them a place to read and to be able read books, and that was a dream,” Ellen said.

Abra was the store’s first owner, and the business had a successful run for a decade, but the business struggled to keep up with the demand for books in the 1980s and 1990s.

Ellen and Abra were forced to lay off employees and sell their business in 1992 when the economy took a turn for the worse.

In 1999, Ellens parents bought the Fort Worth bookstore and set out to open their own bookstore.

The Greene’s opened their first bookstore in 2002, and Ellens store became one of the city’s largest, with more than 1,400 books available.

After Abira, Ells husband, Roy Greene Greene started working at the store, but he couldn’t afford the store anymore.

He died in 2004 and the store closed in 2005.

Since the Greenest family closed the store in 2006, the Greenesses have struggled financially.

Ella said that they are currently living off her savings, but she said that she would love to see the store reopen.

“If we could find the money to reopen it, we would,” Ellah said.

The family plans to keep the Fort Greens bookstore open, but said that Ellens vision to open a bookstore to women in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is the only place she could see it happening.

Read more from ABC News’ coverage of the Fort Wayne bookstore’s closure: The Fort Greene Family opened a Fort Green restaurant in 2014, and now that the store has been closed for three years, Elles husband, Mark Greene is the sole owner of it.

While Ellens husband is the owner, Abba and Elli Greenes remain as the owners.

Abba has a job and a mortgage, and she and Ellas family depend on the store for their livelihood.

They plan to keep it open.

Despite their financial struggles, Abla and Ello Greenes have a great sense of humor, Ellas mother, Barbara Greene said.

Ellen is an actress and actress’s dream.

She’s a great mother and grandmother and always has a smile on her face, and you know that she’s doing good for her family.

As the Fort Greene family, Aba and Elly have created an incredible community, and I know they will continue to do so for many years to come.

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