How to cut down on sweet potatoes and other greens in a healthy way

Posted April 29, 2018 06:31:24 For many Canadians, sweet potatoes are a staple of the diet.

They are usually grown in Canada’s north and the south.

But as their numbers grow, so does their popularity, particularly among young people.

“I would argue that they’re a super-food, so I think that it’s not as bad as it used to be,” said Erin O’Connor, a food writer for CBC News who wrote about her own sweet potato obsession.

“But you’re kind of losing some of the nutrients in the plant that you would have in other vegetables and fruits.”

O’Connors sweet potato recipes can be a lot of fun and tasty, but they are also a bit of a challenge.

Her recipes often include sweet potatoes in addition to other vegetables or fruits.

“You have to do your research to figure out how to incorporate the sweet potatoes into your diet,” O’Connor said.

“For example, if you’re like a lot younger person, you can do some really, really delicious things with them.

But if you are older and you’re trying to keep up with your kids or keep up on your health, it’s harder.”

This recipe for sweet potato pasta has a bit more of a crunch and a sweeter texture than some of O’Connell’s recipes.

“It’s definitely a sweet potato meal that has a lot more of the crunch,” O ‘Connor said.

But when it comes to cooking sweet potatoes, O’Reilly recommends a variety of ways to add the flavour of the vegetable to your meal.

To make the pasta, simply heat the pasta water until it’s hot, but don’t boil it.

“If it’s cold and the pasta is not boiling, then you’re not getting a lot out of it,” O.

Reilly said.

Then add your choice of sweet potato, garlic and onion to the water and simmer until it starts to boil.

“Then add your other vegetables, but this time add your chopped shallots and a bit bit of thyme, and a few slices of fresh or dried basil,” she said.

Finally, toss in some parsley and thyme leaves.

Add more of your choice to the boiling water, and cook it for a few minutes until it thickens up a bit.

This recipe calls for just under a cup of water, so you’ll need to add about two tablespoons of water if you want to add extra flavour.

“To make it as healthy as possible, you need to make it with a little bit of extra water,” OReilly said, “and if you use a lot less water, you’re going to end up with a lot fewer nutrients.”

For more healthy recipes, check out the CBC Food Guide.

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