Shane Greene is a lawyer and former prosecutor, and he’s accused of lying to the state about his work in the case of Kevin Greene

Greene County assessor Shane Greene has been charged with perjury and obstruction of justice in connection with the Kevin Greene case.

Greene’s lawyer, David Fenton, filed a motion in federal court Thursday asking a judge to drop the perjury charge, as well as obstruction charges related to a different case in which Greene was not present.

In that case, Greene had told the State Attorney’s Office that he could not remember all of the documents that were turned over to him during the investigation into Greene’s alleged involvement in the death of Green’s brother, Austin, in 2012.

Greene also said he could recall only about two or three items, and not the hundreds of thousands of pages of documents.

Greenee’s attorney also asked a judge in that case to dismiss the charges, saying he had “no reason to lie or obstruct” the investigation.

In the case in question, however, prosecutors have said that Greene was present at the time of the death, and prosecutors have not disclosed what documents Greene was referring to.

The charges against Greene come after a special prosecutor from the Georgia Department of Justice charged Greene in January with lying about his role in the investigation of the 2012 death of Greene’s brother.

He was charged with two counts of perjury, obstruction of the investigation and lying to investigators.

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