The Greene County ga election: Where the vote counts

Greene, Georgia — Greene is the last county in Georgia that voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 election.

The district, which covers the eastern part of the state, went to Trump by 20 percentage points in 2016.

But after Trump lost the district, his party lost control of the governorship, the governor’s mansion and the Senate.

Trump won the district by a 2-1 margin.

Republican Josh Mandel is running for the seat vacated by retiring GOP Rep. Scott Garrett.

Mandel, a former sheriff, is a former Marine who served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He was arrested last month on a DUI charge in Greene and pleaded guilty in March to misdemeanor drunken driving.

He served eight months of a three-month sentence and is eligible for probation.

His campaign website says he “is a conservative businessman, former prosecutor, and former U.S. Attorney.”

Mandel said he would take a more conservative approach to prosecuting crimes and that he is “ready to bring justice to all who commit crimes.”

Trump, who won the state’s governorship in 2020, won by nearly 10 percentage points over Hillary Clinton.

Mandel won the seat with 56.5 percent of the vote to Trump’s 45.4 percent.

Trump has been fighting a lawsuit by Greene Republicans, who say the state attorney general’s office improperly subpoenaed phone records from Mandel’s campaign.

The lawsuit is still pending and Trump’s attorney has not commented publicly on the matter.

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