When football players run away to the NFL

Running is for the dead, but the NFL is taking a different route.

The league announced Monday that it will allow running backs to join its rosters as soon as this season, after it was revealed last year that three running backs in the NFL had left the league in recent years due to the increased use of running backs as an offensive weapon.

The NFL Players Association and the league agreed to a deal in February that would allow players to play on their teams if they are not injured.

In the past two seasons, only one running back has been cut by the league because of injury, and the rest were released.

The new rule, which is effective for next season, allows the NFL to keep running backs on its roster until they are released or if they have played in the league for five years.

The agreement comes after the NFLPA announced last month that its board of directors had approved the league’s move to allow players on teams to leave, and that it would seek approval from owners if it wanted to add running backs from the league.

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